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Immigration & Visa Services

We help you navigate the complex areas of immigrant and non-immigrant visas as well as work authorizations

EB-2 Visa (Advance Ability Professional)

EB-2 is the second preference of the employment-based immigrant visa for persons of “exceptional ability” and advance-degree professionals.

EB-3 Visa (Skilled workers)

EB-3 application for Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers receive 28.6% of the yearly worldwide limit of employment-based immigrant visas, plus any unused visas from the Employment First Preference and Second Preference categories.

EB-1C Visa (Intracompany Transferee)

The EB-1C Green Card is an immigrant visa is for international companies needing to transfer managers, executive or specialized knowledge employees to the U.S. permanently. This petition falls under the first-preference employment-based petition, which has 40,040 annual immigrant visas allotted to it.

EB-5 Visa (Immigrant Investor)

Immigrant visas are for individuals seeking to immigrate to the U.S. and seeking permanent residence (Green Card) may be available for job offers in identified occupations in which U.S. workers are in short supply or in other specific categories.

EB-1A Visa (Alien of Extraordinary Ability)

An EB-1A immigrant visa is for aliens who have distinguished themselves professionally in the field of sciences, arts, education, business or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim.

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